Have you got bad debts. If its collectible we will collect it.

Credit management consultants & Special investigators. We provide a nationwide debt recovery service. Our Debt Collectors / Investigators are quick and efficient in collecting your debts. Our collectors / Investigators presence is required because debtors have usually begun to ignore letters and/or phone calls, made empty promises or issued invalid cheques. These are all clear warning signs that a personal visit is going to be the most effective way of getting through to them - its not easy to ignore our debt collectors on the doorstep.

Ferry Bridge Hire Ltd

We have used Ar Cairde Debt Recovery to collect debts for us.They have been reliable and very quick getting results. We gave them 6 debts and had all collected within a matter of 4 weeks, some with payment plans. Ferry Bridge Hire – Walter http://ferrybridge.ie

Mc Closkey Engineering ltd

We contacted Ar Cairde Debt Recovery in December 2011. We had an outstanding debt of €10,000. It was with solicitors and in dispute for over 2 and a half years. 48 hours later Ar Cairde had recouped the debt and we got paid that week. We will never use solicitors again. Mc Closkey Engineering ltd - Eugene Mc Closkey

Treaty Distribution Ltd

We gave 9 accounts to Ar Cairde Debt Recovery. With the help of Ar Cairde we had all our accounts paid and in payment plans within 4 weeks. We have used them since and would highly recommend using them in the future. Treaty Distribution – Eoighan Carter